About Us

We Bring Your Dream Space to Life -
Inside and Out

With a commitment to excellence, we seamlessly blend landscaping and interior remodeling to create harmonious environments tailored to your unique vision. Our dedicated team, comprised of skilled landscapers and remodeling experts, brings creativity and expertise to every project.

As proud members of the Roanoke community, we draw inspiration from the local aesthetic, infusing the charm and character of the region into our designs.

From lush outdoor retreats to stylish and functional interiors, SPI is your trusted partner in turning your dreams into reality.


“My passion is bringing your space to life.”

Sal Garcia, President & Founder of SPI

Sal Garcia has over 20 years experience in the construction, landscaping, and design industries - and his passion is applying his skills in each to bring his customers' dream space to life.

Sal has worked hard to learn every aspect of construction, landscaping, and design, acquiring his contractor's license in 2011. From lawn care to custom stonework to irrigation and home remodeling, there isn't an aspect of property maintenance and design he doesn't know. In addition to his skills as a designer and builder, Sal also brings years of strong project management experience to his work, ensuring your project is smoothly managed from start to finish.

Our Difference

Why work with SPI?

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