Patio Paving & Construction in Roanoke, VA

The SPI team includes expert patio builders to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment in Roanoke, Virginia.

Our skilled team brings creativity and precision to every project, ensuring your patio becomes a personalized retreat that seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of your home.

Our Patio Construction Services

We specialize in crafting a variety of patios, designed to suit your lifestyle and enhance the functionality of your outdoor living space. We offer a variety of stone work options – from composite to natural stone – for our customers in the Roanoke area.

  • Composite Stone Work: Elevate your outdoor space with our cutting-edge composite stone patio designs. Engineered for durability and versatility, composite stone provides a modern aesthetic with minimal maintenance. Enjoy a wide array of color options, textures, and patterns that mimic the authenticity of natural stone while offering enhanced resilience against the elements.
  • Natural Stone Work: For those who appreciate the timeless elegance of natural materials, our natural stone patio designs capture the essence of sophistication. From the rugged beauty of slate to the warm hues of sandstone, our skilled craftsmen meticulously lay each stone, creating a patio that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. The unique variations in each natural stone add character and charm, making your patio a true work of art.
  • Exterior Stone Veneer: Introduce a touch of sophistication and texture with our exterior stone veneer options. Lightweight yet durable, stone veneer provides the look and feel of natural stone without the weight, making it an ideal choice for adding character to your patio’s exterior. Choose from an array of styles and colors to complement your outdoor aesthetic. We provide exterior stone veneer in Virginia communities in and surrounding Roanoke.

Whether you prefer the sleek appeal of composite stone or the classic beauty of natural stone, SPI is dedicated to bringing your patio vision to life with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A few types of patios we offer, include:

  • Flagstone Patios: Experience timeless elegance with flagstone patios, featuring natural stone that adds texture and charm to your outdoor environment.
  • Patio Paving: Transform your outdoor space with our expert patio paving services. From classic brick to contemporary concrete pavers, our skilled team creates functional and visually appealing paved surfaces that enhance the overall design of your patio. Choose from various patterns, colors, and materials to achieve the perfect balance of form and function. If you’re looking for patio pavers in Salem and Roanoke, let us design a solution to meet your property’s needs.
  • Stamped Concrete Patios: Achieve the aesthetic of natural materials with stamped concrete patios, providing a cost-effective and customizable solution.
  • Brick Patios: Embrace classic charm and enduring appeal with our brick patio options. Timeless and versatile, brick patios seamlessly blend traditional aesthetics with modern durability. Choose from various patterns and color options to achieve the perfect balance of sophistication and functionality. Brick patios not only provide a visually appealing surface but also stand up well to various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your outdoor retreat. Whether you envision a quaint courtyard or a spacious entertaining area, our brick patio designs offer a timeless solution for those who appreciate the elegance of this enduring material.
  • Covered Patios: Extend your outdoor enjoyment with covered patios, providing shelter from the elements and creating a cozy retreat for various activities.
  • Terrace Patios: Add layers to your landscape with terrace patios, offering distinct levels for seating, gardening, or other outdoor pursuits.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Patios: Combine culinary delights with outdoor living by incorporating kitchen elements into your patio design, creating a functional and stylish space.
  • Blue Stone Patios: Experience the timeless allure of blue stone with our expertly designed and installed blue stone patios. This natural stone option boasts a distinctive, elegant appearance, complemented by its durability and resistance to wear. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously arrange each blue stone, creating a patio surface that exudes sophistication and charm. The cool, neutral tones of blue stone provide a versatile canvas for various outdoor aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a classic and enduring patio design.

Discover the art of outdoor living with a customized patio from SPI. From flagstone elegance to versatile paver designs, our patio construction services in Roanoke, Virginia, cater to your unique vision, creating a stunning retreat right in your backyard.